What's a Dooo-la?

"A dooo-what?!" I loved the confused looks I got when I first told people I was training to be a Doula.

If a doula were a drug, it would be malpractice not to use it. Dr. John Kennell, Pediatrician, DONA International Founder

The truth of the matter is, I had two children in 2 years and it was only a year later after the birth of my second child that I learnt all about Doulas. I remember walking through an expo, making my way to my infant massage booth at the time and being pulled into a stall not too far away from me. There were pictures of women birthing in water, holding their babies, fathers supporting the birth process. They were so vivid with life and love. The looks on the women's faces was of indescribable bliss.

So, that night I went home and googled frantically as to what this "Doo-la" thing was. To my surprise I found a network of absolutely beautiful women who assist mothers through their journey into motherhood. Whether it be the first, second, third or even fourth child, these women had an innate ability to connect and protect a woman's sacred birth space. They were giving women the choice on how to bring their babies into the physical world....truly amazing.

So began my journey into becoming a gentle birth keeper. I had only just completed further training in Thought Field Therapy with one of the best and most experienced facilitators in the world, who was being shadowed by two spiritual homebirth midwives. Who would have known that it was through one of these midwives I would find my mentor and inspiration - Robin Lim.

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