Rani Hynes


  • BSc. Psychology
  • Birth & Postnatal Doula
  • Certified BellydanceBirth Teacher
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Thought Field Therapy Practitioner - Algo



So my 2 became 3 in August last year! My birth story is to come!



My journey began before either of my two boys were conceived. You see I had a rotten two years attempting to fall pregnant. After my memorable wedding in 2006, I was surprised to find I was pregnant with my first Angel in April 2007. Unfortunately we weren't meant to meet and I suffered a blighted ovum. My world crashed around me, I felt total loss for the first time in my life. I grieved for months. Month after month I did a pregnancy test, month after month I would fall into a heap on the floor and just cry. By October 2008 I was sure my body wasn't made for babies and went home to Bangladesh to come to terms with what was not meant to be.

However on my arrival home after three weeks away with my family, I conceived my beautiful boy Kai. It was a beautiful pregnancy, tiring, but beautiful. I was extremely busy finishing up work in the second half of my pregnancy when I ruptured my membranes. A steady stream of waters flowed from within me and I was rushed to hospital. 5 days later after walking the hospital halls and poked, prodded and shoved full of steroids, Kai Ben Hynes entered the world. His birth was frustratingly long being constantly monitored by midwives & an epidural which left me not feeling my baby being born. He was however born at 33 and 3 weeks, weighing in at just over 2.2kg, breathing and had lungs alright! They took Kai from me almost immediately and told me that he would be in NICU for 5 weeks to bring him up to term - like hell he was! I took him home exactly 10 days later...

Kai taught me the power of touch and how fragile the first few months are for any newborn. In the first few days in hospital I would get up early and get to the hospital as soon as I could. I would breastfeed a couple of times and touch his back lightly, before leaving him again - it was agonising being away from him. On day 8 I was told we were moving out and I was going to be monitored as a border at my local hospital. There began the real journey with Kai. I was left to mother him as best I could, feeding, changing monitoring waste & taking his temperature. Every three hours I went through the same routine. He ate well & kept warm in my arms nearly all the time. Day 10 we went home, much to the amazement of our paediatrician and midwives - Kai was doing splendidly! Three years on, you wouldn't even guess he was a premmie.

Kaiden Kumar (KK) Hynes burst into the world 13 months after the birth of Kai. I began to surge while attending my Mum's birthday party and what a party it turned out to be! 4 hour labor, a 40 minute ambulance ride, 40 minutes of pushing and out he flew - literally! He pecked his way to my breast and suckled immediately which was truly magical. We went home 4 hours later. Kaiden was born exactly 2 weeks before his due date, weighed in a lovely 3.3kg and his arrival empowered me like never before.

While pregnant with Kaiden I completed my Infant Massage Instruction course and opened Angel Infant Massage Training. I was busily working away when I was drawn into a stand at an expo and discovered Doulas. After reading all about the magical work these powerful women were doing I knew it was exactly what I had been called to do in life - empower others to the best of my ability. I'd had this calling for some time, but didn't know how I was going to achieve it and finally I found it. I waited eagerly for training the following year and undertook an experience I highly recommend for any woman. I met the most amazing, sensitive and loving women ever! Not only were they beautiful inside and out, they all had a wicked sense of humour! They truly saw the world with different eyes. Absolutely outstanding women, wives & mothers.

Now here I am, a fully transformed individual working to assist others and help them meet their wishes. My role as a Doula is to support women & their families through the magic of childbirth. I act as a library of abundant information assisting them to make the best decisions for their birth. I am a source of inspiration, love and kindness to allow the Mother to surrender to a gentle birth. Each Mother is unique and is treated so. I am the voice to remind Mothers of the Goddess that they are, and allow or give them permission when they need it. I am above everything an attendant to protect birthing space to the best of my ability.